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© 2011 Xiao Wu

: Identity systems and guidelines book for Museum of Science and Industry. Use the idea: explore the frontier and extend the potential. Discovery, zoom in, and look inside where we never see. Use our imagination to rethink, knowledge what we do and don’t have.
: Smart and simple hide the top and bottom part, that give you extend spaces. Give it a zoom in feel, and keep you eyes flower the long horizontal form.

: The goal of Museum of Science and Industry is to inspire the inventive genius in everyone; to educate all ages and fulfill their potential in science, technology, medicine and engineering.
We never stop learning in our life.

: We always have many undiscovered areas inside us. We enrich what we have known, also learn and develop what we never see. The process is based on passion. During the course of guessing, asking, organizing, repeating, we learn from it.